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What Are the Benefits of Using a Conditioner Fortified With Amino Acids?

More and more, hair care companies are releasing hair conditioners that are fortified with amino acids. In other words, these products contain several different types of amino acids — which are the building blocks of protein. These conditioners are popular; they are flying off of shelves, and they have a lot of fans. But why? What benefits can you expect if you use an amino acid formula conditioner?

Reduced Water Loss

Your hair may feel dry, but internally, it does contain a certain amount of water. If too much of this water is lost, that is when your hair starts to look and feel dry and frizzy. Amino acid conditioner helps seal your hair shaft so that your hairs do not lose as much water. This is a very effective, natural way of sealing in moisture and keeping the hair shaft nice and supple. With an amino acid conditioner, you are preventing your hair from becoming dry rather than correcting already existing dryness.

Get a Silky Texture Without Buildup

There are a lot of hair conditioners out there that will make your hair feel silky. However, most of these do that by depositing silicone on your hair. At first, there are not a lot of negative consequences with this. But after you use a silicone-based conditioner a few times in a row, you start getting buildup that makes your hair feel sticky or weight down.

Amino acid hair conditioner makes your hair feel really smooth and silky, but it does not leave this buildup like silicone. Your hair shaft only holds so many amino acids, and then additional ones no longer stick, so you really can't get too much buildup.

Enjoy Hair That Holds a Curl or Style

So many people wish their hair held curl or style much better. Maybe their hair takes a curl, but then the weight relaxes the style out within an hour or two. Or perhaps your hair does not take a curl at all. Amino acid hair conditioner can fix this. Since it does not leave a buildup and weigh hair down, that makes it ideal for holding style. By locking moisture in the hair, the amino acids also help prevent the hair from just frizzing and fluffing if you straighten it.

Amino acid hair conditioner is a good product to try if you want your hair to be silky, smooth, and easier to style.