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Caring For Human Hair Wigs: What You Need To Know

Caring for wigs with human hair is not the same as caring for your own human hair. You have to be a lot more gentle, so as to not damage the hair itself, the cap, or the lace of the wig. Human hair wigs are meant to look just like your natural hair, but it is going to take special care in order to keep it looking like natural hair, and not a mess. To prevent damage to your human hair wig, and to lengthen the life of your wig, read on for helpful care tips.

Washing Your Wig

Prior to washing your wig, be sure to remove any tangles in the wig by combing it with your fingers. Don't pull on tangles too hard, as you can end up ripping the lace or the cap, or you could damage the hair itself. A wide-tooth comb can also be used to remove hair tangles. Once it is free of tangles, you can wash the hair under cool water, adding a small amount of shampoo and using your fingers to gently comb it through the hair. Don't attempt to lather or scrub the hair to clean it, use gentle motions with your hands, while holding the wig with your other hand. Rinse the shampoo out by holding the hair beneath the running water. Don't dip it into a sink of water to try and rinse out the shampoo. Rinse it the same way you shampooed it.

Conditioning Your Wig

Use conditioner to keep the hair on the wig tame and healthy-looking. Use a small amount of conditioner and work it through the strands the same way you shampooed it, but don't put any conditioner at either end to prevent damage or shedding. Allow the conditioner to set on the hair for a minute or two, then rinse it out thoroughly using the same method you rinsed the shampoo out.

Drying Your Wig

Once your wig is clean and conditioned, you can squeeze out the excess moisture from the wig, then allow it to air dry on a wig stand. Don't lay it on any surfaces, or attempt to dry it any other way, as you can cause damage to the hair or to the cap. Allow the wig to dry naturally, then once it's dry, you can style it. Style your wig any way you like, but be sure the hair is completely dry before using any heat from a curling iron or flat iron, so as to prevent damage.

If you are considering a wig, or just a topper to add volume to your existing hair, you can't go wrong with a human hair wig or topper, but be sure you take care of it properly, or you could damage it considerably. For more information on wig care, contact Paula’s Wig Boutique.